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Ah, Fandom

In 2017 I took part in two of the Potterfans’ Holiday fanfests. I always enjoy the fanfests. It gves me an opportunity to be a disgusting showoff.

Well, I already am a disgusting showoff. But one does appreciate having an excuse.

the first of these was the SS/HG Holiday Gift Exchange. This year, for this fest all of my prompts were fic prompts. But fic prompts can usually work perfectly well as art prompts.

Once again I ran all of my submissions though a Photoshop filter to give them the look a being analog art. They aren’t. They’re digital all the way.

Click on the thumbnail to see at full size.

Here was the first prompt: Three weeks before Christmas, Severus breaks Hermione's most favourite Christmas bauble, handed down from first daughter to first daughter since the piece was hand blown in 1760. Reparo doesn't fix it. What will Severus do to find another and replace it, and what sort of subterfuge does he employ to distract Hermione from noticing it’s missing? I'd love to see ‘helpfully unhelpful’ Harry and Draco, Pansy…?

And the 2nd prompt: The nerve damage from the snake was such that Severus no longer can use his left arm. Extensive therapy has not helped, and he is forced to hire an assistant to help him brew if he wishes to open his long dreamed of shop. Hermione is down on her luck after the war and sees an advert in a grimy shop window of a soon-to-be-opened shop. Taking a chance, she opens the shop door…

And the 3rd: Hermione’s parents, shopping for Christmas gifts, are stumped about what to get their son-in-law of three years. As they wander the shops, they remember the first time they met Severus Snape and how he came to win them over.