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Ah, Fandom

This was a self-generated prompt, done as a gift to the comm of the Minerva Fest of 2015. I later realized that it would have been an even more appropriate gift for the Hoggy-Warty Xmas comm. But I think the Minerva Fest was held first. Plus, it’s not as if gifting it to the Minerva Fest was inappropriate.

The cast is depicted in order of their position at the time of their first introduction to the reader, regardless of whether they may have taken another post at a later point in the series.

So, first we have Albus, followed by the non-teaching staff, followed Madam Hooch, who instructs the obligatory Broom Safety class required of all 1st Year students, but is otherwise in charge of Athletics at Hogwarts, and is not a Professor. After Madam Hooch, come the Heads of House, followed by the other instructors of required core curiculum for O.W.L.-level students (permanent staff only). Then we have the instructors of the 3rd–7th year elective courses, including a substitute instructor for Care of Magical Creatures (that subject may not be cursed, but the instructors seem to have a high incidence of absences due to injury, suspension, or damage to the classroom).

And bringing up the rear, we have the One-Year Wonders. Which is to say the instructors of the cursed Defense Against the Dark Arts course. As well as the former Professor of a core class who was called out of retirement. Click on thumbnails to see at larger size.