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Classwork: Photo 46: Scenes from a Mall: Truck

This was assignment #5 (of 6) from my semester of Introductory Photoshop. For this one, we were all given a copy of a photo of an old truck, and told to extract it from its background (no Extract tool in Photoshop 5.0), get it looking as good as we could manage, and then give it a digitally-created background.

The instructor showed us examples of some former classes' work on this assignment, and I swear that every third example we saw was “Trucks in Space”.

Well, hey, I figured; I can do “Trucks in Space”. Just watch me!

Whereas for the midterm I had been as careful as possible to use nothing that wasn’t built into Photoshop itself, for this assignment I made it a challenge to use any 3rd-party Plugin or downloaded action that I could manage to fit into it.

People who have been around photoshop circles for a while may recognize some of them. The starfield was from a free Action posted on the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) website, and the warped text was created in and exported from Strider Software’s TypeStyler, which is a pretty cool program in itself (I think it may even still be around, too — although I don't know if it runs on all systems).