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Our final project for Art 250 was to produce a 10-second animation, in Photoshop, illustrating a phobia.

Photoshop’s animation capabilities are not half bad, but it isn't really a dedicated animation program, and is much better designed for creating things like animated GIFs for web pages than anything like an actual animated narriative. Still, 10-seconds is hardly a full-length feature film, so it was certainly doable.

If I had been doing it in a dedicated animation program, I'd have probably tried to do something like create proper walk cycles. But for the sort of cartoony concept this was always intended as, that would really have been overkill.

This was exported as an .mp4, so just about any video player ought to be able to deal with it. It was also exported at low-quality, so it will open very fast. It was built much larger than this page size, but ought to adjust to whatever size of screen it's opened on.