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ET 25 did not present any of the problems in posting my completed work that ET 24 had. ET 25 was 3D Modeling, and our finished work was in the form of .jpg renders of our finished models. We were under no obligation to animate them. No one needs to download external files to view a bunch of .jpgs.

Classwork: ET 25 Midterm: Car 1

I refer to this project as the Midterm, primarily because of when it was due. We got a formally assigned final project for this class, but otherwise there was no distinction between our other projects. I feel justified in refering to this as the Midterm due to its complexity.

Classwork: ET 25 Midterm: Car 2

The first

The First assignment for ET 25 was a basic exercise in UVMapping. Our second was to build a model of a computer mouse. This was our third, and it spaned several weeks. Our instructor gave us four sets of instructions in .pdf, on building a model of a sports car, which he said would take us about 80% through the project. And then we were to take it to completion, using our own resources. He lied. If the instructions took me as much as two thirds through the process, it would be a generous estimate.

Classwork: ET 25 Midterm: Car 3

But in any event I built a car. Not necessarily a very practical car, but definitely a car.