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Miscellany: A Brilliant Marriage eBook Cover

As I'm pretty sure most of you know, I do book covers. Most of the ones I've done have been for Zossima Press, Winged Lion Press, Barnabas Books, and Unlocking Press. And if you attend various Potterite conventions you've probably seen some of them (although not everything those publisers offer has covers done by me).

Well, as I'm sure that you are also all aware, ePublishing is big, and a great many fields which used to be served by the “paperback original” are in the process of moving to electronic distribution.

Breaking into ePublishing isn't nearly as daunting a process as breaking into traditional print publications. And eBooks need covers too. So when one of the people in one of my Yahoo Groups posted that she needed a cover for a Regency I figured that I would contact her. Some of you may be familiar with some of her other work. This one will be particularly fun for those readers, but others will not feel left out.

The eBook (or paperback) can be found at: