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Ah, Fandom

Another illustration done for the Minerva McGonagall Fest of 2015. Once we had submitted our original prompt “gift” we were allowed to chose to produce another. Or to do one of our own.

I did indeed “do one of my own” (the Hogwarts Gallery). But first, I thought that it would be appropriate to do a second illustration from an actual prompt, before I started tossing in my own self-generated prompts.

Accordingly, my second prompt was to depict Minerva and some of the other older female cast members off for an outing among Muggles. In Muggle dress. Most of them seem to have got it pretty much right. Although I think Irma was a bit unclear on the concept. At least Augusta left the vulture hat at home.

The big mystery, of course is where they are going. It appears to entail a picnic, and very little solemnity, but I don't think there's a Styx River Station in Britain. And probably not in Kansas, either.

Ah, Fandom: Minerva Fest 2015: Meandering with Muggles