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The Best Revenge by Arsinoe De Blassenville

Fanfic comes in every genre known to professional publishing, in addition to one or two which are almost exclusively its own. Perhaps the best known of these additional genres is the “redo,” in which the original story is retold with some critical change to the underlying premise, and is left to develop from there.

‘The Best Revenge’ is a classic redo. In the “Severitas” tradition.

Note 2020: This story was listed in Oprah Magazine May 2020 in the article: ‘52 of the Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction Stories on the Internet.’

The article above links to the original, unedited version posted on Oprah Mag never heard of Red Hen.

It should be noted that this is the 2nd edition of this work. The orginal illustrations from the first edition may now be found in the Graphics collection on the page of Unposted Publication graphics.

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The Best Revenge vol. 1: The Accidental Guardian

The Best Revenge vol.1 by Arsinoe De Blassenville

In which Severus Snape’s eye is caught by a very peculiar address on an outgoing Hogwarts letter and, intrigued, offers to hand deliver it.

Becoming suspicious by the Headmaster’s general obstructiveness regarding this offer, he grows all the more determined to investigate.

He finds a situation in dire need of intervention, steps in, takes charge, and finds himself with a new responsibility.

The Best Revenge vol. 2: Harry at Hogwarts

The Clear CUt by Mottsnave

At the end of the very best summer that he can ever remember, Harry Potter boards the Hogwarts Express for the very first time, and unwittingly steps onto certain other peoples’ very dangerous game board.

Isolated as he was at the Dursleys’, even after Professor Snape took a hand in matters, Harry looks forward to being a wizard among wizards, and , possibly, even making friends!

Fortunately, Harry has a number of adults who are looking out for him.

The Best Revenge vol. 3: The Time of the Basilisk

The Best Revenge vol. 3 by Arsinoe De Blassenville

The Dark Lord is defeated!

Or is he?

Well, not altogether, as it soon turns out, and what to do about the rest of him is a puzzle. In the meantime, Harry’s (and Professor Snape’s) challenges only change, they do not diminish.