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Where Do You Go After Hogwarts?

3rd Star to the Right: by Gelsey 3rd Star to the Right: by Gelsey

There is a good deal of writing fanfic going on in just about any fandom. Nor is writing fanfic all that solitary a pursuit. Often, it is a community effort.

No, I am not referring to those oddities wherein a group of authors pitch in to create a book with each of them writing one chapter. I am referring to fic exchanges, and fan fests. These are very popular. They are frequently tied to seasons, or holidays, wherein all of the participants volunteer to write (or draw) something to order according to a “prompt” which they are assigned by the moderators, all to be submitted by a deadline.

Once the submissions have all been recieved, the moderators organize the posting schedule, and the “gifts” are posted one or two a day for the duration of the fest. All gifts are first posted anonymously, and then, once all have been released, after a few days there is a “reveal” where all the authors and artists’ identities are made public.

From 2006 to 2012, one of the most widely known of these fests in Harry Potter fabdom was the SS/HG Gift Exchange. This particular fic was one of the gems from the 2010 exchange. Its original prompt went:

“Have Snape and Hermione ‘book travel’ — they end up in another well-known book and have to deal with the characters in there. Maybe they end up messing up the story line? How do they get back home? Think along the lines of ‘Lost in Austen’ — they are having to deal with another book’s realities.”

Very well:

Ten years after the war, Severus Snape is declared legally dead despite the lack of body, and Hermione Granger is given the responsibility of dealing with his estate due to being the only member of the Order of the Phoenix willing to do so. But at Spinner’s End, she finds a book on a child’s bloodstained bed: a copy of ‘Peter Pan and Wendy.’ When she somehow falls into the story, can she and Captain Snape find a way back out?