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Not Everything Here is Fanfic

Original work is uncommon on the internet. Primarily because of potential copyright issues.

Of course that assumes that someone might want to pay money for it. Not really a safe asumption to make.

A Tale of Three Brothers by Charlotte Glover A Tale of Three Brothers by Charlotte Glover

First, it should be noted that the three brothers with which this story is concerned are not named Peverill.

Indeed, this story was probably written before the Peverill brothers existed. It came about during the period after I had discovered that I really enjoyed designing books, but had no access to finished manuscripts from which to build them.

Well I had fancied the idea of writing when I was in High School, but while I can string words together competently enough, it seems I do not really have a storyteller’s imagination.

Not that long after I gave up on the idea of writing my own stories, the World Wide Web went into service and I had access to as many manuscripts as I could have ever wanted. Much better ones than I could have produced myself, at that.

But, in any case, it seemed that I might just as well finish this one off and deck it out as a story.