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Unposted Publication Project Graphics

Once upon a time (i.e., over a dozen years ago) there was a fanfic trilogy.

It was very popular. At its peak it had hundreds, possibly thousands of followers.

Unfortunately, rather a lot of it was written while the author was at home feeling unwell. Two-thirds of the way through the final volume, she was diagnosed with a serious illness.

To the best of my knowledge, this portion of the story had a happy ending. She received medical attention, recovered, changed jobs, and found a number of new projects with which to occupy her time.

And, unfortunately, she no longer had a lot of inclination to stay home and write. The final volume remains unfinished, and is long abandoned. I would not be astonished to learn that, in retrospect, the whole period she was writing it is associated with a rather frightening period of her life. But that is neither here nor there.

I had already requested, and had been given permission by the author to produce Red Hen editions of the trilogy. The first two volumes were completed, pending edits and corrections, and a fair degree of work had been done on the third volume when the project was abandoned by the author.

I do not post projects on my site without the author’s permission. We never got to the edit stage of these projects (timeline glitches and minor continuity errors for the most part) and I do not have the author’s permission to post my copies.

This remains a disappointment. I had put a great deal of work into them.

The stories themselves were readily found online in .html format for over a decade afterwards. The hosting archive is there no longer, although it [www.witchfics.org] can be found via the Wayback Machine.

A couple of years after the author abandoned the project, however, I had decided to extract and post the graphics separately. I had, after all, put a lot of work into them. It would have been better to be able to see them all in situ, but, frankly, I doubt that is ever going to happen. The documents below contain only the illustrations/decorations used in each volume including only the opening pages, and, at most, a snippet of the text, or a capsule description of where the graphics occur.

At the point that these were built, all of my illustrations were based upon commercial clip art. Most of it heavily modified, but some of the incidental decorations were merely dropped in with their colors adjusted. I probably shouldn't have included those in these documents, but this way you get at least some of the idea of the whole effect.

These are .pdf documents. As is standard on this site they are posted in both uncompressed form for online viewing, and compressed form for download. Both versions are only available in screen resolution, since a full resolution version of the actual project was never made available.

Indeed, were I ever to be given the author’s permission to post these projects, I would take these graphics-only versions down. But, like I say, I doubt that is going to happen.

All of these are re-posts. Although still at screen resolution, they have been exported at a slightly higher resolution than the original copies.


The Travelog Trilogy, vol I: Roman Holiday by “Anna”

holidayThis project was the very first project for which I used the “virtual book” layout with the faux 2-page spreads which is now standard for the Publications posted on the site. That layout was originally developed for this volume of this trilogy, which was written in 2002–’03, and produced over the autumn and early winter of 2003.

I was going for a “contemporary” look, with fairly straightforward illustrations. As stated above, all of the art was modified from commercial clip art, apart from the cover photo of the Trevvi fountain, which had been shot by a friend of mine some years earlier.

Roman Holiday Graphics Elements: uncompressed file (9.2MB)

Roman Holiday Graphics Elements: compressed file (8.3MB)


The Travelogue Trilogy, vol II: Jewel of the Nile

jewelThis volume was produced over the summer-winter of 2004. It took a while to complete it.

The layout here heavily utilizes the work of the incomparable Marwan Aridi of Aridi Computer Graphics, in addition to my usual sources.

The layout turned out to abhor white space, so there were any number of extra decorations dropped in to plug the gaps.

This re-post has some minor adjustments to the color balance from the earlier version.

Jewel of the Nile Graphics Elements: uncompressed file (17.3MB)

Jewel of the Nile Graphics Elements: compressed file (16.7MB)



The Travelog Trilogy, vol III: Last Tango in Paris

TangoThis one, as far as it goes, was produced in early 2005.

After ‘Jewel of the Nile’ I wanted to attempt something a little less gaudy, somewhat more restrained, and more elegant, if I could manage it. But certainly not plain.

I finally went with a sort-of Art Nouveau look (Paris being largely associated with that particular design movement) and adopted a duotone treatment in the illustrations.

I had also undertaken a couple of special additions as a surprise gift for the author.

Last Tango in Paris Graphics Elements: uncompressed file (9.5MB)

Last Tango in Paris Graphics Elements: compressed file (9.1MB)