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The Graphics Collection

Regarding Graphics Files

There didn’t used to be a great deal that needed to be said about the files in the Graphics collection. They were all just JPEGs with no special arcane additions, so just about any browser should have been able to display them without much trouble — admittedly, a few were rather large, and would take a while to load.


Eventually a project came along which had to be posted in .pdf. So, yes, you will need the Acrobat Reader or Apple’s Preview for some of the things in this collection, too. I’m sorry, but there just wasn’t a better format in which to package that particular project.

And since then, there have been others. More recently, a couple of projects have been uploaded as QuickTime .mov files. You will have to download these to play them, and you will need the QuickTime player, or any other video player which can handle .mov files.

And there are Subcollections. These are:

Student Work

All Student work was produced as class assignments between 1999 and the present. The classes were taken at Los Angeles City College, in both the Art and the Photography departments. More recently, I’ve taken some classes at Santa Monica College, in their Entertainment Technology track. There's a fair amount of classwork, overall, so I’ve rather arbitrarily split the collection to shorten the menus a bit.

The classes are listed by their course numbers, rather than the order in which I took them. I've also culled a number of the things which I used to have online. I attempt to keep something posted from each of the classes I've taken, but I really don’t think I need to post all of it.


This is rather a mixed bag. Mostly professional and semi-professional comissions, some hobby work. Other oddments that don’t fit into either of the other two collections may be added here, eventually.

Ah, Fandom

The Fandom stuff is currently Harry Potter related, but there may be other subjects added, eventually. This collection has also had its menus split. This collection has also been culled. Most of what I've retired was very old and I doubt anyone will miss it. (If you do, let me know, and I might put it back. I do still have the files.)

In addition to graphics produced for my Publications projects, I have been taking part in various fandom giftfests over the past decade or thereabouts. Some of these fests are no longer active, but others are still chugging along.

The Potter Tarot deck obviously is another component of the overall ‘Ah, Fandom’ collection. But given that it is quite an extensive collection in itself (a tarot deck does have 78 cards after all), it made sense to give it its own link to its own main collection page.