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Potterverse People

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…and a Cast of Dozens

So. Just Which Characters are we Talking About?

For the most part the chatacters under examination here are the characters which were drawing the majority of fan interest over the first half of the series. I think of the characters introduced after the 3-Year summer, only Horace Slughorn And the Black Family Tapestry rated an essay of their own. Some of the other late-comers get mentioned. But for the most part, few of them actually contributed much to our understanding of their world. Horace, on the other hand, contributed majorly.

The sub-collections here are:

Elders & Historical Personages: Under this heading is where you will find either historical persons whose actions and alleged beliefs have been used to justify a good deal of the mindset which we encounter once we enter the modern British Wizarding world. This collection also includes the Black family tapestry, and a look at those elders, senior to, say, the Weasleys, who remain active over most of the course of the series.

Concerning Tom Marvolo Riddle: A set of essays devoted to attempting to figure out an aswer to this particular riddle. After all, The villain, is the story.

A Closer Look at the Weasleys: Taking a closer look at the dynamics of the Weasley family as presented in canon. I tend to think there are more riptides under the surface than Harry Potter ever noticed.

Another Look at the Marauders: While we’re at it, let’s take a closer look at the Marauders, as well. Particularly the ones we’ve actually met.

Man On A Tightrope: The enigmatic Severus Snape. The specifically Snape essays can be found here.

Other Persons of Interest: I take it back. A couple of the characters in the first of these essays were definitely not introduced before the 3-Year summer. They have to share the essay with one who was, however. Most of this collection of people are not at all backward about coming forward. Indeed, most of them tend to be determined to draw attention to themselves. As to the two who don’t, one is too much of a celebrity to escape the limelight, and I’m sure the other would have just as soon continued to slip under the radar. (Sorry about that.)

Same Note as with the Potter Subjects Collection: A few of these pieces are very long. Over a period of five years, while canon was still open, the whole collection was gone through and updated semi-annually. During this period, I didn’t always delete an older theory just because I’d worked out a new one. Consequently, several of these articles are a historical overview of theories as they developed over a span of several years. In addition, I don’t know just where anyone is likely to be starting out with this collection, due to the possibility of their accessing it from external links. So, for clarity, there’s a a fair amount of duplication as well.