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Tools needed on this site:

To be honest, I can’t imagine anyone on the internet in this day and age not having these already. But I’ll include both links just in case. The utilites in question are Adobe’s Acrobat Reader (or Apple’s Preview) which is needed to open and view the Publications posted on the site, which are all in .pdf format. There are some other things on the site which are in .pdf as well, so you will definitely need it. If you have a Mac running OS X you already have Preview, which can open a .pdf. If you prefer Adobe’s own Reader, it is a free download, and the link is below.

The other utility linked here is not actually needed on the site any more. These days, all compressed files on the site are posted in .zip format. However, for several years, the compression format used on the site was .sit.

.sit files are compressed with SmithMicro’s StuffIt utility, and you might want to download the free StuffIt Expander utility in any case. In addition to .sit, files, it will also decompress a number of other compression formats found on the web such as .rar, .tar, .gzip, and .bzip, as well as .zip files. It’s a useful thing to have on hand.

Go to Adobe’s Home Page:

Go to SmithMicro’s StuffIt Expander page:

Okay, this following section is for my own personal use and has nothing to do with anything else on the site. I no longer upload the full-resolution files of my posted publications to a PickUp page. These files can now be accessed along with the compressed and uncompressed screen-resolution files on the individual publication pages.

On rare occasions, however, I still sometimes get a project which is too large to send to the author for checking as an e-mail attachment. So, consequently, I still occasionally, if rarely, have need for a place to upload files where they can be collected by a client or a correspondent. Which is here.

And for that matter this link will usually be empty and of no interest to anyone.

Download Project file(s):