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In a Temple with a Sword

templeIn the summer of 2009 I started wrestling with 3D. My program of choice is the DAZ Studio. It’s very low end, compared with much of the industry, but still capable of far more impressive things than I’ve yet managed to create. The downside is that documentation is lacking. And I would prefer not to try to learn anything from video clips.

Consequently I spend a lot of time blundering about, flailing with lighting, and asking for help on the DAZ forums (on the company’s website). Most of the people on the forums are very helpful.

Nevertheless, it took me close to a year before I produced anything that I deemed fit for public consumption.

It has frequently been stated that a typical newbie’s first render will be of “a naked Vicky, in a temple with a sword”. Vicky, or rather, Victoria, being the product name of the company's foremost human female model, which shipped as a part of the included content with that version of the program.

Nowadays, the DAZ Studio is up to version 4.10 and ships with the company’s base Genesis figure, which will morph to basic male, female, or child figures, in addition to the Genesis 2, 3 and 8 base male and female figures which may have slighly less individual morphing range, but rather better detail and rigging. You also get a dragon. (Although, in all honesty you got the dragon with version 3 as well.)

Well, my Vicky is wearing a bodysuit. But she does have a sword, and is standing in something that could sort-of pass for a temple. I later repurposed this illustration into an APA cover, but it wasn’t actually produced for that purpose.

Using the current version of the software it wouldn't be nearly such a struggle to produce now.