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Art 633, Final: Stamps

The final assignment for Art 633 was to create a pair of postage stamp designs. Like real stamps, they were to be based upon the same overall concept and be two different but related designs. They were not to be done at actual postage stamp size, fortunately.

Each stamp was to include:

Price of the stamp and the country name

Pen illustration, type images, new gradient(s), and new pattern(s)

A phrase that best describes the overall concept

We could download photos from the web to trace, but were not to use another artist’s drawings or artwork.

We were to:

Mix new colors in the colors panel and drag them into the swatches panel

Use the layers panel to manage the drawings

Use the pen tool or the shape tools to draw the images

Use the align panel and the pathfinder palette to build the stamp border

Write a summary of our design process, discussing our concept and the techniques used to illustrate them (to fit into a constrained space).

I brought my design into Photoshop to convert it for posting and the background text came in darker than it comes across in the original Illustrator file. But I don't intend to go back and take the original file apart to fix that.