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Hogwarts House T-shirts

Yes! I've been bitten by the silly bug. What can I say?

Most office supply stores carry packages of heat-release stock, designed to be used with inkjet printers which can be used to make iron-on transfers. These were designed to fit on those.

I don’t know how well they hold up to washing, but you could probably wear them through a wash or two.

The regular stock is sort of transparent, so you would need to use it on pale colors. There is a version with a white background designed to be used on darker colors. Not sure how closely you would want to try to trim them, though.

Click on House name to see the Shirt design.





Whose mascot is an Eagle, not a Raven.
(I suspect Rowena wasn’t much amused by puns.)


(Yes, yes, we already know that ALL Slytherins couldn’t possibly be DEs but still… and the poor little mascot doesn’t look a bit happy.