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P is for Python

pythonA silly poster celebrating a very comical snake.

This fellow resides in the San Diego Zoo. The San Diego Zoo is world-class, but it is primarily renowned for its collection of birds. Birds are not cooperative at all about getting their pictures taken.

Snakes are far more cooperative about having their pictures taken, but the lighting in the reptile house assures that either your pictures will be blurry from camera shake, or have an amazing collection of reflections from the flash on the glass.

I didn’t have a cable release and hadn’t brought a tripod and was having all kinds of problems trying to see what was in the LCD, so my pictures are even poorer than usual, and over-sharpened in an attempt to try to simulate any kind of detail.

This big guy (and he is big) is either the friendliest, or the most curious snake in the reptile house. He’ll slither right up to flick his tongue at you, while the rest of the snakes don’t seem to even know you're there. He really was “posing for pictures” that day. He'd rear up and hold the pose, showing off his “right profile” for 5–10 minutes at a stretch.