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Various Potterisms

These files were originally all on separate pages But I couldn’t really see taking up space in the sidebar list for all three of them. I didn’t feel like deleting them either. I may roll some other files into this page in the future, but probably not soon.

The Dark Mark

darkmarkThis was done as a chapter head graphic to be used in the first of the Unposted Publications Projects farther down the list. But people on various boards kept asking for Dark Marks, so I figured; well, why not? There are any number of other interpretations out there and some are quite striking, but not many of them are simple enough to be useful for anything much as a graphic.

I think that this one, saved to disk and resampled to what you would get if you crunched the 72ppi down to about 225ppi might make rather a nice rubber stamp. Or if you wanted to put the work into it, you could put the resampled version into a frame, reverse it and have a wax seal cast.


Albus Button

buttonIn a once rather popular, but now long-abandoned fanfic there was a conundrum with a cauldron in it. A 15-year-old Albus Dumbledore solved it.

I suspect you had to be there…


The Winter Creature

winterIn a fanfic written long enough ago to be considered a “classic” an adult Miss Granger refered to the Potions Master as “the Winter Creature”, after catching sight of him doing his brooding, gothic, bit in the Hogsmeade graveyard on an autumn afternoon.

The phrase is a nice one.

Once again, I happened to read it about the time my monthly content package from my clip art subscription turned up with a promising file included.

This one took a great deal more work than the plot bunnies did. I think I ended up taking apart and reassembling something like 4–5 different files to build it.