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Photo 46 Final: Book Cover

We were given a choice of three different things that we could do for our final project (aka Assignment 6).

A poster for an actual event was one of them, but I chose to do the book cover.

Scanning wasn’t covered until the 2nd semester, but we were given the okay to use scanned material for the final.

I did two versions and waffled back and forth over which one to turn in. I preferred the green version, but I finally went with the blue because (although you can’t properly tell from the screen-resolution export) it had a better quality photo to work with. In any case, I liked the results a lot.

Enough so that it is fairly obvious that this was the prototype for all of the covers of the Publication projects over in the Publication collection. But I’ve learned a good deal more about working in Photoshop since I did these.

pirate1 pirate2