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About the projects posted on Red Hen:

If you are attempting to explore this site on a smartphone, give up now. Try to find a computer. A tablet might do, but the site was built for computers. Desktop or laptop, it doesn’t matter. A largish percentage of the content that the site was built to feature cannot be read on a smartphone.

For that matter, the part of the site that I considered most important, and what I built it for, wasn’t designed to necessarily be read online, either. The download buttons exist for a reason. You can always throw it away when you’re finished with it. After all, it's just data and pixels.

Red Hen Publications is a personal training exercise and brag site. It is not a commercial entity. It makes no money, it charges no fees, it sells no advertising, nor does it host any.

The site exists as a showcase for my personal work, prompting me to sharpen my skills, and enables me to indulge my hobby, which is book design.

In the course of this pursuit, I have found myself engaged in page layout, vector and raster graphics, and even web design. More recently I have embarked upon working in 3D.

The projects posted here range from work which is entirely my own from start to finish (includes graphics, articles, and one or two of the publications). These range from former class assignments, to modified clip art, to heavily formatted .pdf publications of works written by other people.

Presently, most of the Publications consist of fanfiction, any original work which may be added at any point, will be my own, but I would not hold my breath. This is due to copyright issues. Anything posted on the web is subject to being stolen. (Fanfic authors already know that their work cannot legally be sold.)

Red Hen is not a huge site with vast tracks of server space. But the free space provided by my domain registration has, so far, proven to be adequate. If I reach the limits of the space allotted to me, I will be forced to remove some of the files. That day will not be soon. I am not, at the moment, looking for a new web host.

My work is grouped into three main collections across the site. These are Publications, Graphics, and Commentary. There are additional subcollections in the Commentary collection:


The Publications collection is the reason the site exists.

If one wishes to pursue a hobby in book design one needs manuscripts. While it would be laughably untruthful to state that I do not write, it must be admitted that I do not often write fiction. Nor do I believe that I have more than the one nonfiction work in me. And that one is already posted. Designing books would be a very slow and unsatisfactory process if I were forced to wait upon my own pen (or keyboard) before proceeding further.

Well, hey, there are thousands of manuscripts posed in fanfic archives. Good ones, too. And none of them are commercially publishable in their current state. All right, in that case, I can offer a service. If an author that I contact about one of their works gives me permission to base a project on it, I will do the best I can to turn the manuscript into a (virtual) book. Once approved by the author, and exported, I will post it here on the site for the author to link to (because fanfic archives don’t accept .pdfs. The certainly don’t accept .pdfs that are as graphics-heavy as the ones I produce). No project is ever posted on this site without the author's approval.

All Red Hen Publications are posted in .pdf, and will need the Acrobat Reader (which is free), or Apple’s Preview to open and view. There is a link to the Adobe site on the Tools+Files page.

And, no, while technically this would probably come under the definition of ePublishing, it has few of the features which current ePublishing standards support. Back in 2003 when I developed my basic format and general procedure for producing “books” for the web, most of the ePub software available nowadays didn't exist.


Most of the files posted in the Graphics collection are posted in .JPEG format, but there are a couple of .pdfs there as well. JPEGs ought to be viewable in any web browser, but some may take a while to load. Some pages have more than one image on them. All graphics are posted in screen resolution.

There are also a couple of animations posted. These were class assignments. You may need to download them to run them, one of them is probably too large to play online. The format needed to run them is either posted on their pages, or will run in most video players.

Graphics files may have originally been either vector (.eps) or raster (.jpg, .tiff, or .psd) files. Vector art has been rasterized for posting. Some of the oldest files may depend heavily upon clip art or other commercial stock sources, but all have been at least lightly (and sometimes heavily) modified. More recently, I have been engaged in an ongoing battle with low-end 3D software (the kind that comes without printed documentation). In time, I expect there will probably be more files posted based upon 3D renders.


The Commentary collection consists of essays. Lots and lots of essays. The site may exist because of the publications, but the hits on the now departed hit counter were chiefly due to the essays. The Potterverse collections (both of them) are to be found here. As well as a number of other collections on a number of other subjects.

There are, in addition, a few oddities which I also wanted to post, and had no better place to put them. There are also some additional works accessed through the ‘All Things Relative’ collection.

While I doubt that very many visitors to the site will care one way or the other about the Family Album, or my account of 35 years in the Graphics Section, quite a few may find themselves amused by Uncle Fred's Scrapbooks (which are .pdfs).