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Mug Shots

Entry 1: Roman Holiday. This one is a "promotional piece" referring
to a popular work of fanfiction which was in progress at the time.


Entry 2: Snape Classic. i.e., No ponytail.
Along with the famous Potions speech.


Entry 3: Hermione Classic. i.e., Before she got her Italian haircut.
And something like her famous first words, too.


Entry 4: Dungeon. This one group-specific to WIKtT.




Some years back, there was an artist's challenge on the WIKtT Archives Yahoo group to design a coffee mug. The winner's design was to be made up into an honest-to-ghod coffee mug and the winner would get a copy.

WIKtT is one of the oldest of the SS/HG listgroups. Therefore, the design was to depict either Severus Snape, Hermione Granger, or both of them together. The constraints were a non-negotiable size requirement and an exhortation to “keep it clean”.

We weren’t limited to any number of entries and there was a fairly long lead time. The winner was to be determined by popular vote. I submitted four entries. I did not win. But all of my submissions got a respectable number of votes, so I wasn’t overly disappointed.