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Art 639, Midterm: Montage

montageA lot of development took place in Photoshop between Spring 2000, when we were working in version 5.0 and the Fall of 2012 when the current version was CS6.

So, with my friend, and fellow retiree, I enrolled in another Photoshop class at City College, this one given by the Art Department. This was Art 639, aka; Digital Imaging.

This was our midterm. The instructions were a bit baroque.

We were to:

1. Chose a fortune cookie (from a bag of them) and creatively design an image that illustrated the fortune in it.

2. Chose at least 5 color photos (from magazines or other printed sources. This was a scanning assignment as well as a design/photo manipulation one) that have images that relate to the fortune and will tell the story to the viewer.

3. Decide which photo will work best as a background and tie all the images into this new story.

4. Develop a layout integrating sections of the other 4 photographs.

5. Create a focal point with one of the imported images (emphasize it with size color or importance).

6. Create a headline that sums up the cookie fortune.

7. Include the text of the cookie fortune in your image.

The requirements didn’t stop there. The treatments of the imported photos were also set, since they were using techniques that we’d been learning. We were to use an edge effect on the background, then make selections from the others (not using ellipse or marquee tool) and modify them as:

A. Turning color to greyscale on one of the imported photos.

B. Turn another photo from color to greyscale and then colorize it.

C. Make a selection with a 20-pixel feather and bring that in as well.

D. And the headline was to be done by pasting part of the 5th photo into the text.

We were also to use Photoshop brushes, and then build and turn in a composite showing the original images along with the finished file. But you don’t need to see that.