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HoggyWartyXmas 2019

Once again I took part in the HoggyWartyXmas, which is a fest which concentrates on the teaching staff of the school. This time the mods asked me to do a group scene of all the Hogwarts staff which the participants could download and use as a desktop picture, or wallpaper.

Such things tend to be seriously oversized, so that one has been much reduced for posting with a larger version available for download.



For my assigned project I had a nice collection of prompts to choose from.

Gift #1: Feliz Feline @ Navidad

A roaring fire, a fragrant Christmas tree, a soft wooly tartan, one’s own nice fur coat, and a saucer of eggnog. What more could a hard-working Headmistress ask for?

Prompts: Warm by the Fireside/A Cat’s Christmas


Gift #2: Kitchen Consultation

The Elves of Hogwarts run a tight ship. And they enjoy the opportunity to show off their expertise preparing the annual seasonal feasts. This does not extend to cluttering up their workplace with gaudy ornaments that serve no purpose. Headmaster Dumbledore rarely visited the kitchen himself, being more inclined to summon the Head Elf, give instructions, and simply leaving the crew to get on with it. Headmistress McGonagall, on the other hand tends to come down to the kitchen herself to discuss arrangements. She does not always come alone. The crew has learned not to let these incursions disrupt their tasks. The Elves concede that the Headmistress’s visits do not constitute interference. However, some of the people she brings with her…

Prompt: A visit by our character(s)/pairing to the Hogwarts kitchens during Yuletide/Christmas


Gift #3: Closing Time for the Year

Not everybody either holds, or attends a party at the tag end of the year. Some just take a sup of ale to wash it down.

Prompt: A nearly empty Scottish pub. Closing time.


Gift #4: A Golden Snitch, Frank’s Lucky Threepence, and Myrrh

Three wise witches, bearing gifts. Definitely witches, and all of them wise, in their ways. I still rather think that they could be a little clearer on the concept of what constitutes an appropriate baby gift. (Did you already know that myrrh is a *thorny* plant? Not really something to have around a baby, regardless of how nice the sap may smell.)

Prompt: Three Wise Witches bringing gifts.