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SS/HG Giftfest 2014

The SS/HG Exchange of 2012 was the biggest and, as of this point in time, the last one held. However, several other communities, either on LiveJournal or elsewhere stepped in with exchanges of their own. I missed the signups for most of them, but I did get into a couple.

One of these was the SS/HG Giftfest of 2014. It operated much as the Exchange had, although it was run by different people. I was assigned the prompts of one of the other partcupants, who, among her requests, mentioned that she'd really like an illustration from one of her own stories.giftfest2014

It took a little while to find where her stories were posted, but I did. Her first was a story which ultimately found the Snapes settled on a rancho in Argentina with orchards and engaged in producing fruit brandies.

Well, a prosperous enterprise like that would need its own label, wouldn’t it?