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Birds of a Feather: Voyage #3

The crew of Knight Boat #6 consists of; Captain Clark, his First Mate, Katfish, the ship’s cook, Seabiscuit, and Security Officer Solomon Slade.

Additional permanent members of the company are Cosmo, the ship’s kneazle, Mavis, the Captain’s parrot. and Mr Slade’s companion, Fawkes.

Yes, that Fawkes.

Security Officer Solomon Slade is adapting well to the life of an active seaman. His health has improved, he is gradually unlearning a number of bad mental habits. And he has friends. People that he likes. But recovery is slow, and now he is being plagued by disturbing dreams of his former life. Dreams that are all the more disturbing because they are so unaccountably pleasant.

Meanwhile, back in Britain, Lucius Malfoy is trying very hard to restore his family’s damaged reputation. To this end, he is sponsoring a charity ball, to be held on New Year’s Eve, at Hogwarts. It is a masquerade ball, so he suggests that it ought to be possible for his school friend, the former Headmaster, to attend, incognito.

And in the background, Rita Skeeter, Celestina Warbeck, and a new band made up of of former Slytherins (and one Ravenclaw) calling themselves Parselmouth, are determined upon turning the late Professor Snape into a cultural icon.