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Birds of a Feather: Voyage #2

The crew of Knight Boat #6 consists of; Captain Clark, his First Mate, Katfish, Seabiscuit, the Cook, and Security Officer Solomon Slade.

Additional permanent members of the company are Cosmo, the ship’s kneazle, Mavis, the Captain’s parrot. and Mr Slade’s companion, Fawkes.

Yes, that Fawkes.

The Knight Boat picked up Mr Slade and his phoenix companion one morning early in May of 1998. Mr Slade was in very bad shape. However, he almost immediately made his way into the Captain’s good graces by ridding the ship of a troublesome lot of doxies which had infested the hold for far too long.

Besides, any man who has a phoenix that follows him around is bound to be a good man to have aboard.

In fact, Mr Slade proved to be a very good man to have aboard after the ship picked up a quartet of would-be pirates a few weeks later. (That adventure is recounted in ‘Birds of a Feather: Voyage No. 1’.)

Now, some months later, the ship has been called upon for assistance in a family matter. Katfish’s sister Angie, an Agent in the American equivalent of the DMLE, has sent her brother a call for help after she and her partner had a run in with something unknown and highly dangerous lurking in the swamps in the vicinity of their old alma mater, The Bayou Academy of Magical Arts.

Captain Clark thought that Katfish could probably do with Mr Slade's assistance.

Not to mention that of Fawkes.