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The Fairy Dowager

dowagerI have owned a copy of Photoshop since about version 2.5, but I didn't have a clue of what to do with it until I took my first Photoshop classes at City College.

Photoshop has a considerable learning curve (what do they mean “unsharp mask”? Multiply? Multiply what?). But it is still possible to produce something by just blundering around cluelessly.

This was produced in just such a hit-or-miss, what-the-hell-am-I-doing method. And it’s about the only thing I ever did that way that I bothered to keep. The photos are of a sculpture by an artist who was at that time based in Los Angeles. He had something of a cult following, and no wonder. He called her ‘Esmerelda’, but I think of her as the Fairy Dowager.

This, and a number of the other files in this collection were built as (or repurposed as) covers for the APA (Amateur Press Association) to which I have belonged, on and off, since it’s founding in 1971.