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Photo 49, Assignment 7: Photo-Composite

With this one, I bit off more than I could comfortably chew. Nowadays, many models of digital cameras will stitch a panorama together for you. For that matter, there is a panorama-building function right there in Photoshop. Over the past decade there have been any number of standalone programs, or Plugins designed do it, too.

This one was done the hard way. Worse, it was shot with a film camera and scanned in. And the panorama film shoot was done months before I even knew I was going to need one, so I wasn’t quite as careful about the shooting of it as I really needed to be. At any rate, I was working right down to the minute on the due date. And, yes, we needed to turn in the source files as well.

In fact, I put so much work into it that I repurposed it to serve as the base file for my final project that semester. So you'll be seeing it again.


And the Source files…