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Ancient Cartoons, Etc.

Not so very long ago, in a galaxy not particularly far away at all, there were Science Fiction conventions.

SF cons typically have masquerade contests.

Well, individual SF fans have been wearing costumes at cons for rather a long time now. Both “hall costumes” and competitive costumes. Some of them can get pretty impressive. Every once and a while you will get group efforts and these can be pretty impressive too.

So, anyway, back in the ’70s there was a group of fans who decided to do a Star Wars-based skit. It went over very well. The next year they did another skit which was also a rousing success. Eventually they ended up doing a skit that served as a buildup to their all singing a filksong, which went over very well indeed.

After a while, they decided that they really liked performing filksongs. So they worked out a “uniform”, renamed themselves the L.A. Filkharmonics, and started performing as entertainers, rather than as contestants.

They eventually brought out songbooks of their filks to sell at conventions, and that's where I came in. Although only very peripherally. Here is an illo and three cartoons that I did for their first book of filksongs back in 1980. I did some others for a later collection a couple of years later, but, frankly I think the concepts of these are better.

I'm not kidding when I remind people that I'm a designer, not an artist.

jawasHere is the illo. It was for the “Jawa Marching Song”, predictably to the tune of Disney's “Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho” which pretty much explains anything that you might need to know about it.

The cartoons, by contrast, are all related to the experience of being at a con.

The first one here is pretty well known (or was at one point), and there may be other versions of it floating around by now. But to the best of my knowledge, mine was the original.

The others were just for fun. While, so far as I know, the second never actually happened at a con, the third unquestionably did. And probably still does.

hucksters flasher cloak