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Not All of My Associates Write Potterfic

carpetThere have been innumerable works which have inspired the writing of fanfic. Probably the most widely acknowledged of these in fandom today is the world of Star Trek.

Well, Trek has been around for over 50 years, to be sure. But it is essentially a latecomer. Fanfic, or rather, “literary pastiche” predates all electronic media, and quite probably even the printed word. Most of the producers of medieval romance were spinning off what was effectively fanfic. The invention of the printing press only encouraged them further. In those halcyon days, before any concept of copyright complicated the issue everyone and their uncle monk was writing fanfic. The vast majority of the expanded adventures of the various knights of the Round Table certainly qualify.

And even the general adoption of the concept of copyright slowed them only slightly. Especially whenever events coughed up an author who gave a blanket approval to the writing of fanfic. You could fill a library with the further adventures, exploits, and general carryings-on of Mr Sherlock Holmes.

Well, very nearly as old as Mr Holmes’s London is the World of Oz, created by Mr L. Frank Baum, in his classic American fairy tale; ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’, and elaborated upon in dozens of official — and even more numerous unofficial — sequels. The “world” of Oz has been loved by millions of children (and ex-children) throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

There are two stories in the Red Hen Publications collection set in the world of Oz. Both are by the same author; this is Mr David Hulan who is also the author of the novel; ‘The Glass Cat of Oz’ (Books of Wonder 1995). Mr Hulan also wrote several serialized stories published by Books of Wonder in ‘The Emerald City Mirror’. He has kindly given me permission to post these two stories on my site.

The second story is:

The Magic Carpet of Oz

As we all know, the land of Oz is surrounded by a deadly desert. The touch of this desert’s poisonous sands will destroy all living flesh.

One of the magical treasures of Oz is Ozma’s magic carpet, which enables a party of any size to cross the desert (or any other hostile terrain) in safety.

However, what is likely to be the result if the carpet should be stolen while that party is on the other side of the desert? Why, they would need to get it back in order to get home, wouldn’t they?

And therein lies a story. This story.

The story was written for the Oz Centennial contest, and it was one of the five finalists.

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