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Photo 46, Final: Calendar

For our final project we were given the choice of doing an album cover, a calendar, or a cover for the school’s next semester’s class schedule. Well, I had schlepped my camera up to St. Frizz on my most recent pilgrimage to the MacWorld Expo and spent a full day being a stereotypical tourist.

The panorama shots used for the photo-composite in Assignment 8 had been taken without any expectation of ever using them for anything, and had, consequently been a piece of fortunate happenstance. But, all in all, over the years, I had quite a lot of pictures of San Francisco.

Of course, the downside is that I am no great shakes as a photographer. So none of the shots I had were what anyone could ever say were out of the top drawer. I had nothing on the level that anyone would use for a decent-quality calendar.

Well, hey, there are tacky calendars out there in abundance. So I produced a deliberately tacky calendar to go with the lackluster photos.

We really were only required to turn in the cover page, but I figured so long as I had a concept I’d run with it until I ran out of shots. I mean, what the hell?

This particular assignment didn’t stop there, however. Our instructor was still onto the future of digital photography, so, whereas in Assignment 8 we were trying to match film shots to digital ones, with this one, once we had our final file built and printed out to our satisfaction, we were to transfer our digital file to film, get the film developed, and try to get the lab to match the digital (or do it yourself if you were one of the photo class students with lab time). Most of the attempts to do this fell short by a considerable margin. In my own case, the film was completely unable to duplicate the red (there may have been some color shifts in reducing these files for the web) but the rest of the colors weren't right either.

I don’t think anyone came out of that class without a bias in favor of digital photography.

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A Year in San Francisco








No mystery where this image came from. I rebuilt both ends of the panorama from Assignment 7, but the added page curl lost most of one of them.


Market Street. That’s Lottie Crabtree’s fountain on the left, just in case you were wondering.


Various features of the San Francisco MUNI System.


Haight-Ashbury. Let's hear it for the Haight!