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Pink, Parading Plot Bunnies

bunniesAnybody who hangs out on a fanfic board for any length of time will eventually encounter references to Plot Bunnies.

These deceptively cuddly-seeming critters nibble the ankles of fanfic authors, demanding that they not only feed them, but that they drop whatever they are already engaged in and build them a comfortable hutch as well. Usually when the authors are trying to write something else.

The bunnies are quite shameless about it, too.

I have been subscribing to a commercial clip art service since around 1998.

Back when we still received our monthly content on a CD, my package showed up one month in concert with somebody’s complaint about being madly distracted by pink, parading plot bunnies. The result was as inevitable as it was irresistible.

I thought of tucking this in with the various Potterisms below, but then reflected that it was anything but exclusive to Harry Potter fandom, after all.