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Victory at Ostagar: Volume 5

The Red Queen

justsoBy Arsinoe de Blassenville

Orlais has all but openly declared war on Ferelden. Indeed, a formal declaration of war is known to be impending. Confident that the Ferelden army is pinned down in the south at Ostagar, fighting darkspawn, the Orlesians will invade with the spring. 

But the darkspawn have seemingly withdrawn from Ostagar, and despite the troubling visions of the Fade shared by all the Wardens of Thedas, no one knows to where they have withdrawn or can guess where they will rise to attack next.

While King Loghain and the allied army march north to meet the Orlesian threat. Queen Bronwyn awaits in the north with plans of her own. 

And deep below the surface, the Archdemon Uthermiel awaits, unseen, for the first thaw.

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