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gobletTaller Tales Exclusive Edition #7: The New Skin

justsoby Mottsnave


Not all literature is produced in archival quality. And stories are not all necessarily “Literature”. Or, in any event, are marketed as such. Nor need they be.

The average wizard on the street might not be a dedicated scholar, but the wizarding world, upon the whole, has a far larger number of publishing houses than its population numbers would suggest. So, we can conclude that most wizards do, at the very least read.

After all, most wizarding households don’t have television. And ambient magic has no degenerative effect upon books.

And, let’s face it, all publishers are very dedicated to giving their market what it wants. And one of the things that their market most wants is stories.

Lots of them.

Of all kinds.

Welcome to the world of Wizarding Pulp Fiction. The wizarding “global villiage” appears to have sat on its wands during the protracted unpleasantness in Great Britain over much of the end of the last century. But there is no doubt that a great many professional and would-be authors cherry-picked a tremendous lot of inspiration and story concepts out of the UK and EU news reports which managed to escape. Not to mention from the wizards and witches that managed to escape.

Apparently, now some 20 years later, quite a few of the wizarding world's readers have a new hero.

Introducing one “Dr. Cyril Ramson”. He’s fictional.

Or is he?

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