Red Hen Publications — So, What’s New Here?
So, What’s New Here?

Well, as of 2021, the entire site is new. And I’m sorry, but if you had links to any of the specific essays or other pages, you may find you need to recreate them, because the names of a lot of the pages have changed in the rebuild.

And, to be sure, this page is still where you’ll find the record of what has been most recently added or modified.

There has been a full rebuild. And another redesign. Last time I had to do that great swaths of the code had been depreciated and quite a bit of the site no longer worked properly. This time it was just the Spry assets which the menus depended upon. But that still meant figuring out new ways to do everything.

Consequently, things are not where you left them. You've probably discovered that already.

You’ll also find that quite a few of the older items and the strictly personal collections are no longer online. I doubt anyone will miss them.

This is probably not the final version of the site. It is likely to all get redone again, at least enough to get some of the pages to the point of being readible on something other than a bona fide computer. It isn’t there yet, so if you are trying to access it on a smartphone, it’s probably not going to be a fun experience. But for the present I’m at least hoping that I'll still be able to update and maintain the site in event of a forced computer replacement.

The Various Collections to be found on the Site are:

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Most Recently Uploaded Project Date
Further reformatting of Publication Collection’s dropdown Menus Nov 4, 2022
Nonfiction & Odments: The Red Hen Essay Collection PDF Apr 30, 2023
Five Moments of Doubt by Bagheera; A complete reworking of the graphics July 8, 2023
Nonfiction & Odments: The Red Hen Essays 2 & 3 adjusted to reflect online versions July 23, 2023
Nonfiction & Odments: The Red Hen Essays 4, added material Feb 20, 2024
Nonfiction & Odments: Reformating and corrections to ‘A Tale of Three Brothers’ Feb 21, 2024
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Most Recently Uploaded Graphics Date
Redesigned Menu dropdowns for General Graphics Collection Jan 9, 2023
Ah, Fandom: Hoggy-Warty Xmas 2022 Jan 9, 2023
Student Work: Art 250 - Animated Gif Jan 9, 2023
Student Work: Art 250 - Final Jan 9, 2023
Ah, Fandom: Reworked Major Arcana VIII: Strength of Potterverse Tarot June 22, 2023
Ah, Fandom: Hoggy-Warty Xmas 2023 Feb 20, 2024
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Most Recently Modified Essays Date
Potter People Collection: Revisions to the article ‘Dark Arts & Dark Marks’ Jan 18, 2023
Potter Subjects Collection: Revisions to the article ‘Exeunt Albus: Showtime!’ Feb 4, 2023
Potter Subjects Collection: ‘24 Hours’ moved to the With 20/20 Hindight sub-collection July 23, 2023
Out on a Limb sub-collection moved to Potter People Collection July 23, 2023
Potter Subjects Collection: ‘Endgame: Definition’ essay deleted July 23, 2023
Potter People Collection: Additions to the article ‘Padfoot, Prongs & Associates’ Feb 20, 2024

With Regards to the Potterverse Collections:

We are totally off the clock.

And off the map as well.

Rowling’s version of the story is officially complete. (Pay no mind to the woman behind the curtain who is attempting to retcon the series online, and gleefully butchering canon in a slew of film spin-offs.)

I say Rowling’s version, because by this time it ought to be obvious that the Harry Potter phenomenon has grown to encompass any number of rival versions that Rowling’s may have served as a starting point for, but has had little or no direct input upon. Fandom is like that. It’s taken Potter fandom longer to reach this point than your typical media-based fandom would have, but it has definitely reached it.

For example; after first spending a good year and a half drafting out ever more intricate methods by which Professor Snape might have managed to survive being bitten by Nagini, it is now largely accepted that — should a fanfic author need him to show up in the course of his or her story — then, of course, he survived. And one is now less fascinated by how he did so, than in what happens next.

And, as for what Rowling has to say about who ended up paired off together; it is to laugh! That, dear reader, has devolved into a mere suggestion.

Nor is any of it likely to stop on a dime any time soon. Potter fandom is still chugging along.

The last major General Update was whenever I last had to do another rebuild of the site. Currently that was at the end of 2021.

There was a modified general revision over the course of assembling the .pdf version of the essay collectin in early 2023. There probably won’t be another one any time soon. Not a general one. There may be additions and updates to individual essays. But the whole collection probably won’t get a full go-through until the next time the site needs a rebuild.

Which isn't to say that I may not get thoroughly dissatisfied with the state of the site and dive headfirst into another rebuild in something much less than another decade. But I'm making no promises.

At any rate, with the closing of the official canon, back in 2007, most of my game was finished. I was primarily a theorist. We no longer have a free hand to try to figure out what is going to happen in this series.

We still have a reasonably broad scope for trying to figure out what already has happened. As anticipated, there were a lot of loose ends dangling in the breeze at the end of the final volume of the official Harry Potter series.

We also have as wide a scope as we ever did to try to extrapolate what may have happened in the past, or what could have happened. Or how it might have happend if something had happened a little differently.

As a theorist, I was primarily concerned with attempting to sort out the patterns which appeared to be embedded in the text, as we were given it, with a view toward getting either a broader, or a more focused picture than what was immediately evident upon a casual reading (or through the eyes of Harry Potter). Most of the theories which I built in pursuit of this goal have either been exploded, or confirmed, or partially confirmed, or have been shown to have been irrelevant to the story as Rowling chose to tell it.

This does not necessarily mean that I am finished with the Potterverse. Only that any theories which I might continue to explore will probably have even less to do with those areas with which JK Rowling has concerned herself.

And it certainly does not mean that I have abandoned producing publication projects of Potter-based fanfic. Publication projects are what this site is all about. And there will undoubtedly be more Potter-themed graphics added as well. Those collections are definitely still active.

In the meantime, however, it seemed appropriate to reorganize the material in view of the fact that there will almost certainly be no further professionally published novels concerning the life and times of Harry Potter.

JK Rowling claims to have learned to never say never, so it is unknown whether we may or may not eventually get additional novels from her set in the Potterverse.

But it would be a bad idea to count on it..