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gobletThe Best Revenge vol.3: The Time of the Basilisk

justsoBy Arsinoe De Blassenville


Fanfic comes in every genre known to professional publishing. In addition to one or two which are almost exclusively its own. Perhaps the best known of these is the “redo” in which the original story is retold with some critical change to the underlying premise, and is left to develop from there.

‘The Best Revenge’ is a classic redo. In the “Severitas” tradition.


Volume 3: The Time of the Basilisk

The Dark Lord is defeated!

Or is he?

Not altogether, as it soon turns out, and what to do about the rest of him is a puzzle. In the meantime, Harry’s challenges only change, not diminish.

Note January 2017: This project has been given some minor corrections, color adjustments and the screen resolution versions re-exported at a slightly higher ppi.

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