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Red Hen Publications — Ah, Fandom: Hoggy-Warty Xmas 2020
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I seem to have managed to combine my prompt and my usual contribution of Hagrid at Christmas in 2020.

No place in Hogwarts is immune to holiday preparations. Certainly not the Hospital wing. Not even if there are no students (or staff members) in residence under Madam Pomfrey’s care, not even if there are no students even spending the holiday break at Hogwarts. The Hospital Wing *will* be decked out for the season.

Poppy is not actually put out by this. She finds the scent of evergreen soothing, even therapeutic. And the decorations are cheerful, although she insists that they be kept out from underfoot.

Well, except for the tree itself. And Hagrid always seems to be unclear on the concept of a *small* tree. The Elves, of course, are delighted to have a bit of happy, *interesting* work to do. Poppy sometimes wonders if they consider the opportunity to dress up the castle as a present to themselves.