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Art 605, Final: Ad Campaign

To be honest, I was a lot more pleased with my midterm project for Art 605 (which turned out to be all advertising, all the time. I suspect because that is the field which it is expected most of the students who stick it out will end up working in) than I was with my final. But the midterm assignment was to redesign a newspaper ad, and it had to be an actual newspaper ad, not one which we made up.

Ergo; it was to be for an actual business which was supposed to feature their actual name and contact information. Which all means that I really thought that I ought to get their permission before I posted it. So, I sent them an email and I still haven’t heard anything back. It may get posted eventually, but I can’t count on that happening.

Our final assignment was to be for an actual organization, too. So I'm uncertain whether I ought to be posting this one either. On the other hand, the “client” for the final assignment is a non-profit, so I suppose it counts as free advertising. Where our midterm was to be a newspaper ad, and designed in greyscale, our final was to be an ad campaign (consisting of a series of three ads) designed to be run in a national magazine and printed in color.

The client, which was assigned by the instructor, was to be the ASPCA. And since this was basically an Adobe Illustrator class, we were not to use photographs. Only illustrations. We were also to write a paper stating what decisions we made during the course of putting the campaign together. But I won't subject you to that.

Art 605 Final #1

Art 605 final#2

Art 605 final#3